Bulk Email Checker

Clean up your mailing list and reduce bounce rate.

Sign up Pricing

Verify Email Lists

Upload your email lists (supported formats are *.txt or *.csv) and let it filter out the good ones (valid) and bad ones (invalid) for you.

Simple Pricing

Pay as you go plan where you pay only for emails you verify without any monthly charges. Plan starts at $15 (One time) only.

Mailbox verification

First, we check the email format, then look for MX records. Finally, connect to mail server and check if the mailbox actually exist.

Higher Accuracy

Our 3 step email verification process ensures a higher degree of reliability and accuracy (usually 90% or above).

Easy to use

Simple and easy to get started. Sign up, buy some credits (they do not expire) and start validating your email lists.

Disposable Emails

We also filter out the disposable and duplicate emails for you. You pay only for each unique emails verified.